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Knowledge is one of the greatest powers of all.

We just need to help to pass it on.

When enough of the 7 billion people on Earth have the knowledge of this hidden control, that's 7 million thousand people, then there will be a joint awakening, which will result in the people having so much of this powerful knowledge, that the NWO and it's pyramid structure of control will fail, not through violence, but because too many people will have the knowledge of what 'they' are doing and we will not go along with the NWO agenda's.

Bad news travels fast, and the news that there are groups of people like the Illuminati who want a NWO is the baddest news of all and it is traveling like wildfire around the world.


This is why most conspiracy researchers are not seen on any mainstream TV channels and are now in fact being removed from things like YouFace and BookTube etc, because they cannot let everyone know the truth. They cannot let too many people have the powerful knowledge of what is really going on, because otherwise there would be a really big 'National Security Risk'!, not to the people of the nation, but to 'them'!!!!

It does not matter how much money you have, because they print it!

It does not matter how many guns you have, because they make them!

It does not matter how many dodgy lawyers you know, because they own the court system which will send you to a prison that they made, for crimes which they created.

But they cannot stop the 'awakening'. The truth will always come out in the end and the truth is the only way to set any person free. If everyone knew the truth, the NWO will fail, not because of the number of guns used, but because too many people will have the powerful knowledge to then accept the NWO or to continue being a part of it.

And when we work together, there is NOTHING that can defeat all of us.

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to bring people together and to remind us of who we really are.


Video's like these below are a good example of how we do all care for each other despite what the media tries says.

These video's also remind us of how the universal spirit of survival will always win in the end!

We do not need to save mother earth because the earth will never die and

it would simply replenish itself after we mortal humans have wiped our selves out!


We need to save ourselves by working together with nature,

otherwise mother nature will destroy us all.

We need to remember our connection to mother earth and the true power

of mother nature and it's animals, which can either destroy us all,

or it can give us all the amazing experience of life on earth.

It all depends on how we treat the planet.

Pause the video at 2m46s! Look at the size of that Gorilla,

which would make Mike Tyson look like a baby!

Knowledge is the greatest power of all!


1 example is to try and imagine that you and the 2 toughest guys that you have ever met from civi-street, are placed on one side of a large jungle. You and your 2 tough guys are also given 1 gun each!

There are also 2 SAS Soldiers who have been put on the other side of the same jungle as you,

but they have no weapons. They only have their SAS knowledge!

You and your 2 'armed and ready' tough guys are then told to try and find and kill the 2 unarmed SAS soldiers,

who have also been told to kill you. Who do you think would be dead 1st?

I think the 2 unarmed SAS soldiers would kill me and my 2 armed tough guy friends, every single time. This would not be because of the power of their weapons, because they didn't have or 'start' with any weapons!


It would be because of their knowledge on surviving and killing in the jungle. In fact it could be anywhere, in a council estate, a city centre or at sea. 2 SAS soldiers will always win against 3 men from civi-street and it is not just because of their weapons. It is because of their powerful knowledge!

I would probably be dead before they found me, simply because of my lack of knowledge on surviving in a jungle without a weekly delivery from Tesco with everything I need, which I know is bad or even a shame on me.

Knowledge is the way forward, we just need enough people to find the truth.


The spirit of the universe, (God), cannot die and good will always win over evil in the end.

So don't give up and spread the powerful knowledge.


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