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Video 1:

Here is a UFO video compilation that I made a few years ago..

The video starts with a UFO seen in the background of a BBC News Programme.


40s: Some balls of light that split up and move around in the clouds during the day.


1m19s: A man shouting it's aliens whilst watching some lights move around and make different shapes in the night sky.


3m13s: Is this a smoke trail from a missile or a UFO,which at 5m10s: in to the video show's the UFO changing shape. Also look closely at the flashing lights that are 'travelling in front' of the UFO.


5m50s: A triangular UFO suddenly shoots off at impossible speeds at night.


6m35s: Here is another black triangular UFO that was filmed flying overhead and during the day.


6m51s: Another triangle that is seen at night.


7m18s: A bit hard to believe, but this a close up of what some call the TR3-B Triangle in broad daylight. The light in the centre of the triangle turns very bright and then just as the camera man zooms in on the UFO, is when the UFO suddenly vanishes.


8m25s: This is the famous UFO that was seen on two occasion in China, which led to the closure of a large airport. This was all reported on the news and at 9m05s is the video of the UFO on the second occasion. At 9m45s you can see what likes a UFO 'pop out' of the strange trail of light that followed it.


10m48s: There is a UFO which splits into some 'lights' which move around in a strange way in the night sky. 

12m17s: This show's some footage at night of a UFO that was reported on the same night as the last UFO above.


12m37s: This is the famous Phoenix lights UFO's that were seen by hundreds of witnesses over a period of several days.


15m20s: The famous Dome of the Rock UFO that was filmed from several camera angles hovering over a highly guided holy site in Jerusalem. The UFO then shoots straight up at impossible speeds.


21m24s: This is my favourite parts from a great video compilation that someone else has made of some UFO's that were filmed by NASA.

23m41s: Watch this UFO suddenly avoid what looks like a missile.


23m57s: Look at all these strange UFO's that are seen all around a 12mile long 'cable' that snapped and broke away from a NASA satellite.


27m32s: This is hard to believe, but this UFO was filmed by fisherman, which show's 2 jets chasing a UFO which then dives under water and into the sea right in front of them. A helicopter then appears out of nowhere and shouts something at them.


29m04s: I doubt this is real but I just like watching this clip of a UFO in storage at AREA 51.


29m37s: This is some footage of a strange spiral that was seen in the night sky which then disappears in to a black hole.


30m43s: Another strange light that turns into a spiral at 31m07s.


31m21s: This shows another strange trail of light that is seen behind a UFO.

I would highly recommend visiting

for lot's of video's and some very in depth research on UFO's.

Here are some more UFO video's.

Coming soon!

Video 2:

Called: Exclusive New York City "UFO" Footage


Something also happens at 2m15s, maybe a second UFO.

Then there seems to be several of them at 7m11s:

More video's related to UFO's.

Video 1:

Called: The Newscast You Weren't Supposed To See


This video shows you the reaction of a news reporter before he reports on the 'Ohare UFO' in a 'professional way'.

Some interesting comments at 10m50s

and then he does his report at 11m35s.

Video 2:

Called: UFO Being Transported Near Area 51 In Nevada! Must See!!


This video shows you a very strange and cool looking object being transported at night with a police escort.

Object is seen at 30seconds.

Video 3:

Coming Soon

Click on ET Video's for more UFO related research.


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