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The Temple Mount

Here are some video's that relate to the never ending battle to build a 'Third Temple' in Jerusalem on the famous temple mount. 

Video 1:

Called: It's not a Concpiracy anymore! THIRD TEMPLE brings END TIMES-CHRISTIAN, ISLAMIC & JEWISH Prophecies


This video will explain to you why there is a religious battle taking place today in the 'middle east' and why the ancient holy land of Jerusalem is thee most important place on earth right now. What happened in the holy land in the past affected the world we live in today.

But what happens next in Jerusalem on the temple mount,

will affect everyone.

Lot's of leaders and very rich and influential people from around the world, not only want a third temple, but truly believe that God has already decided a third temple will be built on the temple mount. But before that can happen, the Muslim 'Dome of the Rock'

would need to be removed...………………..

Listen to every word that this military leader says from

47 seconds in to the video!

Video 2:

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