Welcome to Gremlins Research on who Satan was and the symbols that are linked to the worship of a Luciferian God. This includes research on the one eye symbol, the star of David and the ancient Egyptian myth of Osiris, Isis, Horus and Set.

Trying to answer the question as to who is Satan can lead to

a giant rabbit hole of information.

I would suggest reading the Myth of Osiris, which might sound like it is just another boring and mythical story, but unless you understand what happened in the myth of Osiris, then you cannot understand who Satan is or what the one eye symbol represents to many.


This will show you who Satan was believed to be in ancient Egypt, where he was known as Set. Then you can compare this to the Biblical story of Satan.


Then I would continue from there onwards.

Here is some research on the various symbols and attributes that are associated with Satan.

Here is some information on the one eye symbol. This is where I realised that there is not just one meaning for the use of the one eye symbol.

The Freemasons are famous for using the one eye symbol. Here are some research links to some theory's on why the Freemasons use this famous symbol.

Here is some information on the star of David. This made me realise that this symbol of a six pointed star has been used all throughout history to represent some of the strangest, but also some of the most important beliefs that mankind has had in the past.

If you want to see a symbol that sums up the worship of Lucifer....then look at this picture below...... 

Bathomet Statue sketch.png

Here is a video that includes lots of information on who

Satan, the Devil, really is,

according to God and Jesus.

The Gremlin does not agree with every word, but this is a good video for provoking the mind.

Called: The TRUTH about SATAN! He really FEARS you will watch and discover this video!


Here is a video that seems to show a religious leader preaching and praising Lucifer. Surely 'Lucheefer' means something else,

otherwise this is very wrong and disturbing video indeed.


Called: Pope Francis Declares Lucifer As God




Here is a video showing a tour of the Vatican. At 7m11s is a view of ta satanic chamber, that I assume is only there for historical record and is not in any use today.

Called: This is How the Anti-Christ Will Trick YOU into Worshiping Him....


Here is a video with a man passionately expressing his belies on how Satan is already influencing the next generation.

Here are some video's that includes lots of information on symbolism in all of it's forms, from all around the world.

Called: Secrets in Plain Sight 1-23 (Full video)


Called: Watch The First 5 Minutes - Sacred Geometry