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Here is a sum-up of the Myth of Osiris.

The Myth of Osiris is an ancient Egyptian story that is based on ancient sun Gods. Their name for God was Amen-Ra, who had 2 sons called Osiris and Set and a daughter called Isis. Osiris then married his sister Isis and they became the king and queen of the 'Egyptian Gods'.


This made their brother Set very jealous of his brother and sisters power and their status as king and queen. Set became so angry that he murdered his brother Osiris and cut him up into pieces that were scattered around Egypt.


Isis then found enough of the body of Osiris to create their son called Horus, who then sought revenge on his uncle Set for killing his Dad Osiris. There are many versions of the fight between Horus and Set, but the good God Horus always wins the fight. But during this fight, Set managed to remove one of the eye's of Horus!

How do this story link to Satan?

Well some say that Set represented the God of evil and was the ruler of the night time, the darkness. Some say Set was the original deity on which Satan and his attributes were based on.


Horus represented the Sun and symbolized the God of life, the ruler of the daytime and the light! When Horus the sun would rise each morning, the Egyptians believed the God of light, the good God, was winning the battle over the evil God of darkness, called Set. When Horus the sun was in the sky, it meant that all the evil and scary animals would hide away and humans could again see the beautiful world that they lived in.


They could see that the sun also produced energy, warmth and even created life, because they would see the plants and the tree's growing towards the sun, their sun God called Horus. It was only when the evil Set started to win the battle over Horus the sun, that they would then see the evil of the night time, including the scary animals that start to appear, the cold that sets in and they could not see!

Horus the sun, the light of the world, looses the battle against the evil darkness of Set at........SunSet! That is where we get the phrase 'sunset'. It is symbolizing when the sOn of God, the light of the world called Horus, the sUn, is loosing the battle against the evil God of darkness, who they called Set, at sunset. The word Horus is also an anagram for the word hours, as in what time of day is it, referring to the position of the sun in the sky. 

Some say that the names Set, Seth and Satan are in fact all a translation of the same name, but from different generations and countries, including the Persians and the Cannanites. They all represent the evil spirit or diety, which brought the evil of darkness, AKA Satan, who is against God and the 'light' of the world, the sun.

How does this story link to the famous one eye of Satan, or the Illuminati's 1 eye symbolism?

Well Set, the evil one that we might call Satan, still has 1 of the eye's of the good God Horus, who was the God of order and the light of the world and our risen saviour, etc. So when Satanists use the one eye symbol, it is mocking God by saying that they the satanists have the eye of the God of order and that they are now in control. The one eye symbol also represents the main attributes of Satan, including the underworld, wanting to appose God and to desire to become your own God, living by your own rules.

How does this story relate to religion.

Well the myth of Osiris represents the original battle between light and dark, good and evil and the belief in a God that is at war with one of his own creations. Just like God is at war with Satan, who was God's favourite archangel called Lucifer!, until he became a fallen archangel and wanted to become his own God!

There is so much more to learn about the links between ancient sun worship and the religions of today. Another example would be the link between the sun of God dying at night and then resurrecting again, which links to the resurrection of Jesus story and the belief in reincarnation. The sun (of God) dies for 3 days and it is at it's lowest point in the sky for 3 days underneath a cross of stars, and then the sun is resurrected and born again and starts to rise on the 25th of December. Does that sound familiar to any Christians reading this?

Have fun researching a very important subject which will lead you to so many other subjects!

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