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Here is some more information relating to the Twin Towers and 9/11.

The 9/11 Depiction Van.

This video includes some research on a van that was seized by the police, along with two suspects. On the side of this van was a mural/painting/depiction of a plane hitting the twin towers!

This I think has been deemed a hoax, but listen to the radio transmissions which sound very real from around 5m15s into the video and see if you think this really happened.

The Fuse Boxes.

This video shows some research on the Israeli art students who were in the WTC as part of an art project.

At around 2mins in to the video you can see a screen shot of where the art students were based next to a load of boxes, which seems fine until you here that these boxes seem to be fuse boxes.

At around 6mins into the video is some more research on the 9/11 depiction van.

The Officials Questioned on their report of 9/11.

At 1m44s, listen to what the Chief of the official NIST investigation of 9/11 had to say to an investigator.

At 4m10s is a good view of the collapse of WTC 7. Look at the 'black squares' that appear down the right hand side of the building just as WTC 7 is about to collapse. See the WTC 7 Chapter for more info.

The controlled demolition of WTC 7.

Here is a video that the official investigation used showing the collapse of WTC 7.

Show this video to any building engineer or controlled demolition expert and tell him or her that this 47 storey steel reinforced building collapsed at free fall speed in to it's own footprint just because of fire and let me know what they say to you!

The 47 stories of WTC 7 collapsed at free fall speed into this pile of debris...……. wink wink.

wtc 7Sketch.png

Listen to these bunch of wankers who dismiss any questions relating to WTC 7, bombs, NIST and more.

Also listen to some of the news reporters who dismiss the questions of callers before the official can answer for himself.

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