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Surely it would of been impossible for anyone to of faked going to the moon without a rival country exposing what would of been a massive lie.


Well the more you research into the official story, the more you might start to believe in the conspiracy theory.

Video 1:

Called: How the Apollo Spacecraft works: Part 2


This video explains how one of the moon landers with the astronauts inside, actually traveled to the Moon, from the Earth.

The earth is roughly 10,000miles wide.

The circumference around the earth is roughly 25,000miles.

The Moon is roughly 240,000miles away from the earth.

Space is considered to start from 62 miles high at the Karman Line.


Here is a sum-up of what the Saturn 5 rocket and

one of the moon landers did to get to the moon.

1: The main rocket takes off until it is 118 miles high in the sky, at a height known as 'parking orbit'. The ISS orbits at 249 miles up.


2: The rocket and the astronauts then orbit the earth 2 or 3 times!


3: The 3rd stage rocket then 'fires' the rest of the

rocket out of earths orbit and towards the moon.


4: The service module with the astronauts at the top of the rocket then breaks away from this rocket and does a 180 degree turn and then connects or docks back with the rocket and the command module (moon lander with the legs, the lunar module, the lem) that's inside it!

I wonder what speed this is at?


5: This service module then pulls the moon lander out from the rocket and the frame and then the moon lander and the service module roll away together to help distribute the intense heat and the freezing cold temperatures that they will be experiencing.

6: As the service module and the moon lander get closer to the moon, the service module slows down and they are captured in the moons orbit. They took off at a precise time so that when they reached a certain height in space, this would be the same time that the moon would of also been in that position. Or they could of been doomed forever.


7: Whilst they are orbiting the moon,

two astronauts get into the moon lander and one of them stays in the service module.

8: The moon lander then separates from the service module and the moon lander then guides and powers itself out of the moons orbit and down to the moons surface.

The 2 astronauts then walk on the moon!

9: The 1 astronaut in the service module continues to orbit the moon

while the 2 astronauts are walking on the moon for a few days.

Do you believe all of that?

And this is not including the smoking gun for many, which is the huge amount of

radiation they would of experienced when passing through the infamous Van Allen belt

and the incredible journey back to Earth!

Video 2:

Video 3:

Called: Psychotic apollo11 press conference RKO


This video shows the first ever press conference that was with NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong, after he became the first human being in history to of landed on the moon. He has just broken several world records in regards to aviation history and has travelled for more than half a million miles (over 500,000 miles!).


He is the first person in all of history, to of seen all of the earth in one moment and to of viewed the stars, from the moon!

Watch this video and see his jubilation, his joy, his persona and listen carefully to his choice of words and the sense of achievement in his voice! He, Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon, can hardly contain his excitement due to what he has just experienced......


Video 4:

Called: Moon Lander Fabrication Analysis


If this is some analysis of the real and actual moon lander, then you have to question if this really could withstand the stresses and temperatures required to go to the moon and back.


If you think the astronauts did go to the moon and back in this 'craft', then you have to wonder why NASA, or any billionaire, or any country from around the world still can't go back to the moon, with technology that is 50 years more advanced than when they had already done it several times earlier. 

Video 5:

Called: What will it take for you to finally admit that we never went to the moon?


This video includes some strange examples of how NASA does not have the technology, or the materials, or even the knowledge on how to get to the moon...……………………...

......50 years after we first went to the moon?

Here are some More video's that are related to

the Moon and Space.

Video 1:

Called: Channel DELETED Over This Moon Video?


This video show's a wave of somekind that is as wide as the moon which passes or moves from the bottom and up to the top of the moon (25s). The channel was mysteriously deleted.

Video 2:

Called: Secrets of Saturn - Crrow777's Channel Has Been Taken Out


I think this video includes an interview with the man who filmed this footage and had his channel band on YouTube

Video 3:

Video 4:

Called: Top Ten NASA Tricks and LIES Exposed! Best NASA Fails Caught on Tape! (Raw Footage 2018)


Well, all I will say is.... the footage speaks for itself.

Video 5:

Called: The truth about Satellites 2017 ✞


This has nothing really to do with proving satellites are fake, but this video shows some great footage from various space missions, if it is filmed in space that is. Does he make a good point at 15m25s? 

Video 6:

Called: we know the earth is round because we have photographic evidence !!! hahaha


This Gremlin is not suggesting the earth is flat, but this video shows some great fakery from NASA and I just love hearing someone laugh!

Do you really believe that this is a view of the dark side of the moon that is passing in between a camera in space and between the earth at 29s? 

Video 7:

Called: Hoaxed moon photos - Dr. David Groves analysis


Here is some research into the photo's that were taken on the moon by a very old camera that was positioned on the astronauts chest!

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