Hello to all of you that are viewing this website on a mobile phone.

Almost every page has a PDF File on it.

This is where I have typed some research on my classic Word Document program on my PC

and have then converted that to a PDF File which is then shown on my website

using a Wix PDF viewer APP.

Mobile viewers need to click or tap anywhere on the PDF File,

which will then open and show the PDF File in a new window.

At the top of the PDF File is a small menu which includes a plus and minus button to zoom in and out.

I created gaps and a 'space' on my Word program between the video links

so that I could place the video in the gaps, which works well on the PC or Laptop.


But the video's are all placed at the bottom of the screen on a mobile phone and

the PDF opens up separate to the page. I will try to solve this ASAP.

But all of the same information is available on a Laptop, Mobile and PC.

I am sorry but I have not finished organizing the layout of all the button links,

videos and the view of every page for a mobile phone,

(I've gone through around 60 of the 200 pages!).


I will sort every page out ASAP. I am running out of time and money! LOL.