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Thank you for visiting Gremlins Research!

Sometimes it can help to know the overall perspective and agenda of a website.

The objective of Gremlins Research is to show you some of the theory's

relating to 9/11 and conspiracy theory's like UFO's.


You can then decide for yourself which of the theory's you would

like to research into some more, which can only lead to

more knowledge and understanding of the world.

Happy researching! The truth can set you free!

But just in-case you have not fallen asleep yet reading this, here is a more

personal account of what happened to cause the creation of Gremlins Research.


Firstly I would like to thank all of the 9/11 researchers that have created all of the

YouTube video's, websites, diagrams and images that have helped millions of

people realize that the official explanation for what happened on 9/11 is not true.


Gremlins Research was created so that all of these great video's could be seen in 1 place on another website.

It is thanks to all of you that have actually interviewed the witnesses and studied the huge amount of

evidence and transcripts, that the truth can be found for those that try to look for it.

The more I research 9/11, the more I realize how much there is to sort through and 'study'.


There are also lots of video's on 9/11 that not only seem to contradict each other, but the evidence

for some of the theory's must be wrong and even just an outright fake piece of information.

But all of these theory's and pieces of evidence can now be studied by You, in over

100 video's on this site so that You can try to come to your own conclusion on 9/11.

All of this information led the Gremlin to believe that an 'Elite Secret Occult' were responsible for the attacks

on 9/11 and the death of thousands. That is a very important point, because I do not believe the United States government and George Bush or anyone from the U.S. military had anything to do with 9/11!


I also don't believe that Osama Bin Laden or any 'real Muslim group' planned the attacks of 9/11 that involved 2 hijacked planes crashing into the twin towers, 1 into a field and 1 into the Pentagon an hour later.


This led to Gremlins Research making a 'film' that includes a compilation of the best parts of information from the thousands and thousands of 9/11 video's that the Gremlin has watched since 2001! The film is called:

9/11 Secrets

This film includes over 17 hours of information and research on 9/11 and this is the only video that I have ever made,

on any subject, ever. All of the other video's on 9/11 and any of the other subjects on this site were made

by someone else, accept for the main 17 hour long 9/11 film, which was created by Gremlins

The film can be watched in full or in smaller parts and chapters:

When I started to believe that 9/11 was an inside job, I tried to look for the evidence of the U.S. Government

planning the attacks on 9/11, but I couldn't find any. I've also watched the video of George Bush in the

classroom on 9/11 and I believe he cannot possibly have known about what was about to happen on 9/11.


George may of been told that a possible terrorist attack was about to happen for the 10th time that year,

but he did not take part in the actual 'planning' of 9/11.

But if I don't believe that the official government or the 'visible' military leaders or the Muslims were 'fully' responsible for 9/11, then who do I think was responsible for 9/11? Well this led me to researching the

theory that 9/11 was just done so that the masses would allow the U.S.A and other countries to go to

war with the middle east, to keep control of the world's oil flow and the very important 'Petro-Dollar'.

This led me to researching the theory of a 'New World Order' that was controlling the world through the use of Money and Debt, Fear and War. I then started to research into Religion, which led me down the deepest rabbit hole ever.

It all seemed so confusing and yet somehow I could see the links starting to appear between all of these subjects.

But then something happened in my country, in the United Kingdom. There was a terrorist attack in London

on the 7th of July 2005 which I also believe was planned and carried out by the same 'secret elite occult'.

I do not believe it was all planned by the Muslims, the UK Government or the Prime minister and it was

certainly not our Army. So I had to research some more into this so called group of people called the

Illuminati and the New World Order Agenda.

I have realized that the New World Order Agenda is very real and that there is a large number of occult groups that are similar to the famous Illuminati. It is these groups of people from all over the world that have access

to so many things that you, me, the prime minister, the public, the chiefs of the military, or anyone else in

the world have no access to or any knowledge of.


It is only these groups of occult leaders that know what the multi billion dollar black budget is spent on every year and they have access to the secret underground bases.

Only the very top leaders of religion have access to the real ancient religious texts and artifacts that would reveal the real truth of our history and the importance of bloodlines in various countries.

I also believe that we could of all been driving around in electric or even water powered cars many years ago, if it were not for another hidden group or cartel of people that want to control the 'petro-dollar' and to stop

the freedom that free-energy would give to the world.

This led to Gremlins Research adding some of the best video's that relate to the main aspects of the new world order agenda on this site, so that even more people will then hopefully get to see this very

important information that is affecting all of us.


All of the research into UFO's, Religion, ET's, Ancient Civilizations, Money, Symbolism and many other subjects related to the New World Order Agenda can be found at the conspiracy homepage:

We have to try and weigh up all of the evidence and then like a judge in a court room,

then decide what is true, no matter how crazy the conclusion may seem at first.


Remember that the truth IS stranger than fiction.

I would like to say at this point that I hope I have not offended anyone and that the truth will always

set you free. I have typed more for this website than I have ever typed in my entire life.

I hope the bad spelling and grammar does not irritate you too much.

I think I have deleted all the swear words from when I have been

irritated at the time of typing some new info!, lol.

I look forward to adding a comments section so that between us all, we can maybe work out

what happened. You can then help by pointing out where I am going wrong and also if you

have a comment that backs up what I happen to be saying.

Just one last thing to note is that I have been adding information regarding 9/11 on to my various

PC's ever since 2001. That's 17 years ago as I write this on November the 21st 2018!

I may have changed my opinion on some aspects of what I have typed over a decade ago,

due to finding out more information, etc.

But I will go through it all and correct it all as I go along.

Click on the 'What can we do?' page link to see why we should never give up and why

the awakening is happening all around the world.

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