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Welcome to Gremlins Research on Freemasonry.

The subject of Freemasonry can lead to a huge amount of conspiracy theory's, including it's connection to the Illuminati. Gremlins Research would like to point out that Freemasonry and the Illuminati are 2 different entity's, in the sense that the Illuminati supposedly has some very nasty and evil

agenda's for the world, but Freemasonry does not and in fact

Freemasonry only does good things for the world.

Freemasonry started as a group of stone masons, who formed a group of Freemasons. The first 3 degrees of Freemasonry are still the

same as they were a thousand years ago. Any male person can ask to

become a Freemason at his local Blue Lodge. Freemasons include both the rich and poor and they all like to meet up together knowing that they can talk

in private and nobody will be taking photo's and speaking to the press etc.

They also donate millions to good causes every year.

1 of the conspiracy's is that to become a 33rd degree Freemason in some of the Rites of Freemasonry, the person has to swear an oath to worship Satan,

who they believe is the arch angel that enlightened mankind. This is referring to the bible story that Satan the devil was the one who tempted Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge so that they would become enlightened and self aware and they would know the difference between right and wrong.


This is why Adam and Eve suddenly felt ashamed to be naked after eating from the tree of knowledge, because they became self aware of who they were instead of living an ignorant life of bliss in the garden of Eden.  A 33rd degree Freemason learns that the 3 main religions are a lie, or a deception at the very least and they will get to see the oldest of all the ancient artifacts and scriptures that the Vatican and the Church of England admit that they have in their vaults, but will not let you or any Christian see for some reason?

This is a bit like the structure of the Military Industrial Complex that is destroying our planet. The fantastic men and women in the military that went

to Iraq, really did believe that they were going there to help the people of

Iraq and lost their lives so that Saddam Hussein could not use his

weapons of mass destruction to kill anyone in the USA or the UK.


But there are a few bastards at the very top of a pyramid structure of control that is within the military, who are in charge of what these great men and women were doing in Iraq, and they knew that there were no weapons

of mass destruction and they knew it was for 'other reasons'.

The people who decide where the next set of 10,000 troops and twenty F16 fighter jets should invade, could not even hold a gun, or run 100meters, but somehow they decide where these great men and women will fire their AK47's.

One last thing to say is that all of the conspiracy theory's of what a 33rd degree Freemason is, are nearly all just hear say. Nobody knows for sure!

If someone tells you that they know 100 percent what happens at a 33rd degree ceremony, then they are wrong! Their theory might be correct, but nobody knows for sure accept a 33rd degree Freemason. Nobody!

Nobody knows because only a 33rd degree Freemason can offer a 32nd degree Freemason the opportunity to become a 33rd degree mason and nobody, as in no friends, no family, no fellow billionaire's, nobody accept a 33rd degree Freemason and the candidate's are EVER present at a 33rd degree ceremony!

So only a 33rd degree Freemason knows. But some of these theory's could be true and I hope you enjoy researching it all!

Here are some video's related to Freemasonry.

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