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Here are some video's of the

Twin Towers Vanishing, not collapsing.

The 2nd Tower to be hit vanished FIRST

just 56mins after being hit.

The 1st Tower to be hit then vanished SECOND

just 1hour 42mins after it was hit.

This video includes: A compilation of the 1st tower vanishing.

This is a 30 second video taken from inside the lobby of the north tower when the south tower vanishes! I have not experienced the sound of a collapse of a 110 storey skyscraper,

so who am I to judge, but if you had to choose between whether this sounds like a collapse of a building or a building exploding,

what would be your answer?

Put some headphones on and listen to these explosions! 

Warning! This phone call ends when the caller dies.

This is a recording of an emergency phone call made by a man trapped in one of the Twin Towers.

At 4m30s is when you can hear him scream "Oh God!" as the Towers Collapse around him. Do you think a bomb goes off that makes him scream Oh God, or do you think it was the sound and sight of the floors above him collapsing on top of him?

Called: Chilling Footage Inside the World Trade Center Right After 9/11 Attacks


Look at the dust cloud that shoots pass the window at 45seconds!!

The 1st tower vanishing at 27secs behind the reporter,

then the 2nd tower vanishing at 36secs while focusing on the damaged corner of the tower,

then WTC 7 vanishing behind a reporter at 1m56secs.

This next video has no sound, but it does show the incredible debris cloud and the enormous amount of dust that was formed by the buildings exploding and not collapsing.

There is a difference, watch for yourself. 

The 2nd tower vanishes at 2m22s.

WTC 7 Vanishes at 3m15s.

This video includes a compilation of the sound of the towers vanishing. A clear sound can be heard at: 1m18s, 2m10s, 2m33s.

This starts with a slow motion video of the 'nose cone footage' and then the speaker examines the 'collapse' of the twin towers and shows why it was a controlled demolition of some kind.

The 2nd tower is hit at 1m55s. Look at how the smoke is affected on the tower that is not hit when the other tower is hit.

The 1st tower then collapses at 7m23s. Look at how the top of the tower fall's over to the left and then just turns to dust. The top floors do not fall or penetrate straight down through the rest of the building.

This video shows the well known footage of the 1st tower vanishing just as the news reporter is speaking to the camera. The video then continues to show what happened between him running from the collapse of the 1st tower and then the 2nd tower vanishing at 5m05s.

This video examines a 700ft tall spire/tower that seems to vanish into thin air.

Watch the 2hour presentation by Dr Judy Wood who explains what happened to this spire and the rest of the twin towers by clicking on: More on 9/11 - Part 2 of 9/11 research video's.

Called: September 11th 2001 A 700ft Tall Steel Chunk Turns To Dust in 3 Seconds


And just in case you still believe that a plane could cause the twin towers to turn to dust and vanish in to thin air, here is an expert explaining to you in a simple way how the impact of a Boeing 757 would not of caused the twin towers to collapse in the way that they did.


The 20 or so stories that were above the impact point could not of penetrated through the incredibly strong and undamaged 90 floors that were below the impact point. It is as simple as that.

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