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Here is some information on the damage caused to WTC7 by the debris from the collapse of the Twin Towers. There was also a huge amount of smoke that was seen pouring out of WTC7 on one side of the building. A lot of WTC7 conspiracy video's show the 3 sides of WTC7 that only show a few small fires, most of which have 'burnt themselves out' and very little damage is visible.

But on one side of WTC7, there was a huge amount of black smoke that was literally pouring out of the building between the ground floor and all the way up to the top.

There was also some 'serious' damage caused to one corner of WTC7 which is rarely shown.

Video 1:

Called: 9/11: Caught on Tape: WTC Building 7 Damaged by Debris from Twin Towers Collapse (Updated) (WTC 7)


At 37s: The large dust cloud and debris that hit WTC7.

1m06s: The smoke that seems to be being sucked out of one side of WTC7.

2m01s: The TT Collapse with WTC7 in view.

2m22s: Some shots of the Damaged Corner to WTC7.

2m51s: Some more shots of the damage to WTC7.

4m36s: A good shot of the debris cloud that surrounded WTC7 and the rest of the WTC Complex.

Video 2:

Called: 9/11 Debunked: WTC 7's Collapse Explained


At 1m06s: The damaged corner of WTC7.

1m42s: The fires in WTC7.

2m07s: The position of the diesel tanks in the lower floors of WTC7.

2m16s: A report of a bulge that is seen in WTC7.

2m30s: This video says there was only 3 main trusses that were in the ground that held up the rest of WTC7 above them. This also gives an explanation or a theory on how WTC7 collapsed.

See what you think?

Video 3:

Called: WTC 7 south side damage ABC news


This video shows a view of the damage on one side of WTC7 that was taken from a news helicopter.

Video 4:

Called: WTC7 South Face Revealed - Helicopter Shot


This video also shows a view of the damage on one side of WTC7 that was taken from a news helicopter.

Video 5:

Called: WTC 7 south side


At 10s: A view of the top corner of WTC7.

At 50s: A good view of the smoke that is pouring out of one side of the building.

Video 6:

Called: WTC 7 9/11 Column 20 Missing,What Happened to it?


Here is some footage of a huge 'gash' or a

'line of damage' that was seen on one side of WTC7.

Video 7:

Called: Remembering 9 /11: 30 seconds or less


Here is some research on 9/11 including a clearer view of the 'gash' or 'line of damage' in WTC7 that was shown above at 13m35s:

More coming soon.

I would recommend researching the theory on the collapse of WTC7 and 9/11 in general by these researchers:

Judy Wood

Richard D Hall

Adam Johnson

Barbara Honneger

David Icke

Click on the recommended links button on the 9/11 home page to see more recommended websites, video's, presentations and more.

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