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Listen to what this UK Funeral Director says about the Covid-19 Deaths!

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In the Funeral Director video:

Remember that He is telling you how many bodies He has actually washed, embalmed and then buried himself! He is not using any 'website figures!'

1m35s In December 2019 He was warned about Covid-19 when collecting his 1st person from an 'inflatable pandemic mortuary'!
This is 3 months before the 1st official Covid-19 case was reported in the UK in February 2020!

7m35s In April 2020 He noticed that the number of burials increased suddenly, but they were elderly people who were always collected from Care Homes, not elderly people from Hospitals or their homes. This is because they were overdosed on Midazolam and neglected!

13m35s In December 2020 the burial numbers were the same as 2019 accept for the 'short spike' in Care Homes.
15m25s In January 2021 He had the highest number of burials he has ever seen, which is when the Vaccines started! This sudden rise in numbers also suddenly stopped by April 2021.

17m40s In August 2021 He saw another rise in burials, mainly from Heart Attacks, Blood Clots, Strokes and Organ Failures!
This included the
new age range of people that were now Vaccinated!

19m40s Whats Next! The Delta variant is a Vaccine Injury and a new variant will be blamed for the Deaths of the Vaccinated Children!

22m00s Over 40 Funeral Directors are scared of who is killing these people and what is going to happen for those who refuse it!

28m20s The Vaccinated will die over the next 3 to 5 years!

More Bullet Points!
3m18s He regrets doing a BBC interview, when He believed in a C-19 Pandemic.
4m10s Masks really are pointless and bad for You!
5m30s Bodies just sealed, not tested and no family or GP viewings allowed.
6m35s He has not caught Covid-19, despite his job and actions.
10m50s Government official has stopped asking him about the death numbers.
11m35s All deaths were classed as C-19, even people who were driven over!
18m30s Examples of reactions to the 2nd Vaccination.
25m00s The NHS staff can see the Vaccine Deaths links.
25m40s 200 Monkeys Died every week during the Vaccine testing!
26m45s Prisons for the Un-vaccinated! HMP Wellingborough.
30m00s YOU NEED TO HELP BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! Spread the word!
31m50s The PCR Test is not right.

How to find the number of deaths due to the Vaccines!

The MHRA Yellow Card Reporting Scheme is the Official 'website/organization' that ALL Doctors and Hospitals are supposed to report and document ALL adverse reactions or deaths that the 'doctors' deem to of been related or caused by the Vaccines.

It is well known that less than 10% off all Adverse Reactions are reported to this system.

Here is the step by step guide!

yellow card 0a.jpg

1: Search for MHRA Yellow Card Reporting System on

yellow card 0b.jpg

2: Click on the Yellow 'Covid-19 Button''

yellow card 0c.jpg

3: Click on the 'Vaccine Adverse Reactions link' for latest!

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Scary Conclusion!

The example shown above suggests that roughly 1000 reports were made by doctors that believed the vaccine 'caused' the death of a person/patient.

But if LESS THAN %10 Percent of all Adverse Reactions and Deaths are reported to the MHRA Yellow Card Reporting System, and there is also another reporting system called VEARS, and doctors have been 'encouraged' not to 'blame' the Vaccine, then it is very 'likely' that over 10,000 people have died 'as a result' of having the vaccine!!!!!!!!!!

And that is TEN THOUSAND People who have died
as a result of just 1 Vaccine in 9 months!

I checked the totals for all 4 of the Vaccines on the 11th October 2021 and it is shocking!

Pfizer: 552 Deaths / 118,970 Adverse Reactions
Astra Zenaca: 1,097 Deaths / 233,904 Adverse Reaction
Moderna: 19 Deaths / 16,582 Adverse Reaction
Unknown Company: 30 Deaths / 1118 Adverse Reaction

Total Deaths Reported due to the Vaccines in 9 Months
1,698 Deaths!!!

If that is just a MINIMUM of %10 of actual 'cases', then that means
OVER 16,000 People have died as a result of taking the Vaccines!!!!

Total Adverse Reactions reported due to the Vaccines in 9 Months
370,574 Adverse Reactions!!!

If that is just a MINIMUM of %10 of actual 'cases', then that means
OVER 3,700,000 People have had a bad enough reaction to the Vaccine for it to be reported. These 'adverse reactions' can vary from ' just a headache', but can also be 'LIFE CHANGING' Reactions, where the persons life...will be changed forever!!!

I have tried to find the official figure for the number of people who have died
Not because they tested positive in the within 28 days of dying, and
not because they had other problems and then Covid-19 finished them off.

But how many 'healthy' people have died purely and only because of Covid-19 in the UK?
Can you find the number? Let me know if You can!, because in the video below is an

official in a court who says that less than 10,000 people have Died from Covid-19!!

That means MORE people have died from the Vaccine than the Covid-19 Virus.
And the 'Official Proof and Numbers' are all on this page!

They tell You that You have a %99.99 Chance of don't get the Jab
or the many 'boosters' that You will need to keep Your Nazi Vaccine Passport!!

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No Pandemic!

No Pandemic!

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