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Moon Landings Conspiracy

Here are some video's related to the moon landings.

But surely nobody could get away with faking a landing on the moon?


The Vatican and Religion

This includes some info on the true origins of the Bible, the history of Israel, the book of Matthew in the KJV Bible, the original sin of man, a genealogy list and some info on the incredible Vatican City.

The eye of satan one eye symbol

This is where we try to find out who Satan is and the meaning of all the various symbols that are used by the Illuminati and the leaders of the world.

This includes the famous one eye symbol.

Christmas and the sun pagan religion

This includes some info on why Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December and it's link to ancient sun worship and Pagan religions. There is also some info on the Epiphany, ancient sun God's and more.

This includes some info on the famous

3D Alien Crop Circle and more.


Here are some video's related to the famous temple mount in Jerusalem. This is where you will find out why whatever happens next on the temple mount in Jerusalem, will affect everyone. More video's soon.

Strang Stuff Firenado scary weather

Here are some very strange video's, including some examples of some strange sounds that have been heard all around the world, scary weather, weird video's of MK Ultra effects, secret technology and more.

This includes some info on how and why Easter is celebrated and also includes some detailed research into the famous last supper painting, the 4 gospels account of the last supper, the crucifixion and the resurrection.

last supper painting leonardo de vinci Easter

Here is some info on some other terrorist attacks that have taken place, including the attack at London bridge and Westminster, the Las Vegas shooting and some examples of some staged terror attacks that are on film.

Here are some video's related to UFO's.

More coming soon!

Here are some presentations given by some great researchers, including: Jordan Maxwell, Stephen Fry and Bill Cooper. There is also an interview with Max Spiers, who claims to of been to Mars.

Gotthard tunnel opening accult ceremony cern

Have you seen the very weird opening ceremony of one of the world's longest tunnels? There is also some info on the famous 'Stone of Destiny' and Jacobs stone and some info on the royal family in the UK.

Freemasonry grand lodge London England

This is where you will find some of Gremlins Research on the history of Freemasonry and their link to the Illuminati. This includes a study on lot's of theory's surrounding the true agenda's of a 33rd degree Freemason.

Pyramid hidden knowledge numerology

Subjects include: the real meaning of words, the change in rights of a U.S. Citizen, lots of info on numerology and the meaning behind the master numbers of 11, 22 and 33 and the origins of the number 13, 32, 666 and more! 

7/7 London Bombings Terror Attack 2005

Find out what happened on the 7th of July 2005 at the London Terrorist Attacks. Guess what message is in the advert on the the bus...... nope, your wrong. The message says "outright terror, bold and brilliant".

This is where you will find out what the ancient astrological calendar called the Zodiac is. This includes some info on the cycle known as the precession of the equinox and how it links to the story of religion.

Sketch (8).png

This is where you will find some video's on Extra Terrestrials, Ancient Technology and the theory's including an advanced ancient civilization that used to exist on planet Earth.

UK Debt Clock Banking conspiracy

You might think that the richest people in the world would know what is really going on and that they would speak the truth. When you know how money and currency is created, you will know why they don't tell you.

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Pentagon Exit Hole 9/11

This is where you will find all of Gremlins Research on the subject of 9/11. This includes hundreds of photo's and screen Shots, over 50 video links, witness statements, official documents, diagrams and a lot more.