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We are living in a world of deception.

Video 8:

Watch from 57s into this video!

Video 7:

What is going on?

Video 6:

I hope this is a hoax!

Only 1 way to find out....

Video 5

Watch from 46m0s into this video!

Video 4:

Shocking Video!

I hope it is a fake video, but I do worry! Do you think the child is telling the truth?

How could the child know such horrid lie's to make up!

Also listen to what the child says at 36m27s!

Video 3:

The most important word in the Bible is the word God!

But what if the letter S is added?..................

If enough people were to read ALL of the Bible and study the roots of Religion, then the 'Illuminati' that

rules the world could no longer continue, purely because of the great knowledge among the masses.

That's all of us. Until that happens, wars will continue.

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Video 1:

Test Video Only

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