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Welcome to the mysterious case of the Pentagon.


Click on one of the many links below to start researching

various subjects all based around the Pentagon.

As you can see, there is a lot of research on the Pentagon.

I have included information starting with a Link to  a timeline of what happened at the Pentagon. Then there are 2 Links to 2 great 9/11 Presentations on film by 2 good researches who both have a different view on some things.

I have then made some photo compilation pages for the Entrance Hole, the Flight Path of the plane through the 3 ring sections of the Pentagon, the Exit Holes and a photo compilation of what appears to be a second incident that took place near the fire station and the helicopter pad on the left side of the main impact wall.


You may want to look at these photo compilations first under one of Gremlins Research Links above. 

There is a also information on various planes that were seen in the Pentagon area by various witnesses.

There is also a study of the Black Boxes and the story of the 5 light poles that the plane officially hit,

one of which went through the windscreen of a taxi! 


And a lot more besides....

Take your pick and choose a subject link.

The plane is not seen at 23 seconds in to this piece of CCTV Footage.

The plane is also not seen at 1m 25s in to this video.

Even though this footage was taken from inside the ticket machine you can see above.

Here is another video which some people say shows the small aircraft, drone or missile that hit the Pentagon.

Listen to what the witness says at 5m10s:

The 'drone' is seen at 2m57s:

(I'm not so sure, the video is not clear enough, but you never know).

Called: Declassified Secrets Sept 11 2001 ABEL DANGER Captain Sherlock Solves 911 Pentagon Attack

12m13s: ZIG ZAG ground ZERO channel.

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