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Welcome to the mysterious case of

World Trade Centre 7.

Click on one of the many links below to start researching

various subjects all based around WTC 7.

As you can see, there is a lot of research on WTC 7.

I have included information starting from when and how WTC 7 was constructed

and who the tenants were that rented the building.

I have then researched the collapse of WTC 7 and provided links and time references to

experts who explain the impossible collapse.

There is a large section that studies a piece of CBS News camera footage (The 11 Events).

This camera man was filming all around WTC 7 and even inside WTC 7 just 30 minutes before it's collapse. 

There is also a section focused on all the bombs and explosive charges that are reported on 9/11.

There is a detailed study on 4 officials who went into WTC 7 and it's emergency room.

Two of these men were trapped in WTC 7 after an explosion went off in WTC 7.


There is also a photo compilation page with all the photo's of the supposed damage to WTC 7 that was caused by a projectile, or a piece of debris that came from the collapse of the North Tower.


And a lot more besides....

Take your pick and choose a subject link from above.

Here are some video's of what is clearly a controlled demolition.

Called: 9/11: WTC 7 Collapse (NIST FOIA, CBS video)


Called: 9/11: WTC 7 - 12th & 13th Floor Flames Blow / Building Collapse (Improved Video & Audio)


The film annoyingly cut's to the collapse at 43seconds.

Called: 9/11: 9/11: WTC 7 Collapse (NIST FOIA, CBS video)


Slow motion at 5m31s, 8m03s, why is the video cut at 8m30s and in the other video's at important moments?, 9m33s, close up at 11m22s, witness at 13m13s.

Called: 9/11: Building 7 Collapse Compilation


Also some witnesses at 4m02s.

Called: 9/11: 9/11 WTC 7 Demolition, collapse overlay on top of original building


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