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These are NOT links to the main film, it is research on 9/11.

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Click on a button link on the left to see a sum-up of what happened on 9/11, including a timeline of events.

I realized that anyone that is reading this who is under the age of 18,

was not even born in 2001!

Blimey, I suddenly feel old!

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Did you know that a third skyscraper also 'collapsed' on 9/11 called WTC 7? This 47 storey building 'collapsed' at freefall speed into almost it's own footprint. This building was not hit by a plane, but it was hit by the debris from the collapse of the twin towers.


This piece of debris then started a fire, which then officially caused all of the steel reinforced columns to fail at not exactly the same time, but all exactly at the right time, so that all 47 stories could collapse to the ground at free fall speed in a very suspicious way.


Click on a WTC 7 subject on the left to find out what really happened to WTC 7, including the witnesses, explosive charges, diagrams, photo's, screen shot's, video's and more!

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American Airlines 757
Pentagon Impact Hole on 9/11
Pentagon 9/11 Attack Evidence
Pentagon Exit Hole on 9/11

Do you believe that the plane at the top, made the rectangular entrance 'gap' on the ground floor, which then travelled through 3 ring sections of the Pentagon, which then made the exit hole on the left? Find out what really happened by clicking on the coloured 'Button Links' on the left.

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Flight 93 Crater Photo Evidence
Flight 93 Crater Photo Evidence
Flight 93 Crater Photo Evidence

There was a 4th plane that was hijacked on 9/11 called United Airlines Flight 93. The passengers tried to take back control of the cockpit and during this attempt, the plane then rolled over and nose-dived upside down into a field.

Click on one of the coloured button links on the left to see why a lot of people think that no Boeing 757 ever created these craters. 

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Warning: Video compilation of the 2nd plane hitting the towers.

Close up view with sound at 4m11s, 1m27s, 2m11s, 5m45s, 7m57s (nose?)

There was also so much more that happened on 9/11.

Including: A video of a man that was blown out of the twin towers and the people that decided to jump. A van was stopped on the Hudson River Bridge that was full of explosives. There were bombs and flashes that were filmed. The underground vaults that were full of Gold and Diamonds. 7 or more of the 19 hijackers have been found alive after 9/11. There were military exercises taking place on 9/11 that involved hijacked planes and More!


Then there is the very strange and scary video of some children in a classroom with George Bush on 9/11. Guess what the children were chanting just before George bush was told a second plane had hit the Twin Towers?

Nope, your wrong, they were told to repeat over and over again the words: plane, must, hit, steel, kite, must, hit, steel!

Here is a great video that sums up what happened on 9/11!

Called: 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory


This is where I would like to thank all of you that have made all the video's and diagrams and those of you that have conducted interviews with the witnesses.

I will also add a reference list on here soon that includes a link to all of the websites and YouTube channels that I have gained this information from! 

Gremlins Research on 9/11 is separated into the 5 Main Chapters shown above.

The film 9/11 Secrets is separated into the 14 Main Chapters shown below.

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